A long time ago in a waiting room far, far away
a legend was born...

Hey Everybody!

I started this site as a way for friends and family stay updated on my thyroid cancer treatments. Soon thousands of people from all over the world were sharing in my adventure, laughing with me (and at me).

Currently Iím working on a book based on this journal. Subscribe to my BLOG for updates and other funny stuff!

Stay well and thank your thyroid (or your synthroid) daily,

DISCLAIMER: Contents within are all in good fun (in case my docs are reading!) Some facts have been altered slightly to enhance comedic value. Names have been withheld or changed to protect the innocent.

Action Figures

Follicular Cancer Lady
Backless hospital gown, IV cart and bendy straws included.
Radio-Iodizer Gun and Hospital bedmobile sold separately.

Lord Endocron
Bottle of Synthroid and Hormone Ray gun included
5 inch stack of bills sold separately (call your insurance provider again for details)

Coming soon! Waiting Room play set

I survived Thyroid Cancer and all I got was this stupid t-shirt (and a neck scar)
Also available in turtleneck

Bumper Stickers/Buttons
Got Thyroid?
I love my thyroid (organ pictured)
My Thyroid is an honor student at Endocrine Elementary