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Alex's Article

Alex, Stephanie's sister, has a column in the Fort Myers Beach Island Sand Paper. Here's the article she wrote right after our wedding.

Once Upon A Wedding…
Well, my sister is finally married. Her and her now husband, Danny, were going out for five years prior to their wedding which was last Saturday. Last weekend I had the best time of my life. There was dancing, laughing, happiness, and the thing a wedding weekend can't do without, love.

My whole family left our house on Friday morning and started off on the long, four hour journey, to Gainesville, where my sister lives. Usually, the drive doesn't seem so tedious, but when you're squished in the back of a van with six other people in the car, it makes every minute seem like an hour in its own.

We arrived at the place where our families were to eat lunch at that day, and waited a while for everyone else to get there. It was the first time anyone in my family had met anyone in Danny's family, so I was a little nervous. When we met all of them, they were so welcoming and nice that it felt like we had known them forever. I was a bit overwhelmed at seeing so many new faces, so I was a tad shy at first.

That night everyone met at the place where my sister, Stephanie, was going to have her wedding. It was a beautiful, little, town square-like, location outdoors, with a scenic fountain nearby. Haile Plantation was what it was called, and my sister got the biggest laugh out of saying "see you in Haile", when she was informing everyone to meet at Haile Plantation for the wedding rehearsal that evening. The rehearsal itself went great. I was going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, along with her two friends, Candi, and the very flamboyant Lori. Everyone got a general idea of where we would stand, what order we would walk in, and how we would all leave to the reception.

After all of us got through the technical part of the wedding rehearsal, it was time for the fun to begin! My sister held a huge party at her house after the rehearsal, with about thirty guests, including both the families, and her friends. There was pizza, lasagna, soda, and mounds of other yummy treats to munch on. Near the end of her gala, there were numerous toasts with champagne to the husband and wife to be. They were mainly about wishing them a lifetime of happiness, how they were both such cool people, and how wonderful they were together. I still wish that the party that night had gone on forever. I had such a great time!

The next morning, November 15th, 2003, was a day that my sister and her husband will never forget for the rest of their lives together. It was their very special wedding day. It all started out with my sister getting hair appointments for her, my grandma, my mom, Danny's mom, and myself. We then all had to go back to my sister's house to get ready before we left at 3 to go to Haile Plantation for wedding pictures. I'll skip the part about taking pictures, because it wasn't all that exciting. However, my sister did look astounding! She had on a floor length, cream colored wedding gown, with lace and a gold design on the top, gold and diamond drop earrings, and a hair piece that gave a crown-like effect to her curly up-do. She looked "queenly" as many people had told her that day. Her wedding began with the groomsmen, and the bride and grooms mothers walking out to Amelie music, followed by me, Candi, Lori, and then, Stephanie and Danny walking down the aisle together. This slight change from a traditional wedding ceremony seemed unusually a really good idea! Anyway, the ceremony part was really sweet and all, but the best part of the night began when the Star Wars music played and cued everyone to move on in to the reception hall.

I had to stand guard by the guest book table for the first thirty minutes of the reception to make sure everyone signed Steph and Danny's guest book, and then take their pictures to be put next to their signature in the book. It was a really exhausting job, but I was told that I did well, which was a relief. It made everything well worth the while though when my sister showed up the next day at breakfast with the finished guestbook, and was very thankful of me for helping her with it.

The night of her wedding went by so fast, and there was so much stuff that happened that it would take forty pages to describe it all. Basically, there was really good Greek food, an okay dancing display put on by Steph and Danny for their first dance, and lots of music and dancing for everyone else as well. Right now, as you are reading this, my sister and her husband are somewhere in Paris enjoying their honeymoon.

As I look back over the weekend, I realize how much of a great time I had. Yeah, everything went fine and all, but my sister's wedding made me understand just how attached I am to her. I've been sad lately because I don't get to see her that often, and wish that I could see her more because I love her so much, and she's the best sister in the world. She's kind, understanding, loving, and most importantly, she's my role model. She's not just my sister, she's my friend, and I hope to one day have a fairytale life just like hers. So as all fairytales begin with once upon a time, they have to end… happily ever after!

Until next time… bye for now!